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Freshly baked luxurious brownies delivered to your door.

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About Bakery M.

Established in East London in early 2021, deep into the third lockdown, Bakery M was born out of a simple idea: make the most luxurious and indulgent homemade brownies imaginable, with the convenience of delivery to your door. We figured that now more than ever, people need the occasional pick me up. Our delicious, signature brownie slabs are just that.


The key was to bring the convenience of quick, home delivery without compromising on quality, or negatively impacting our planet. That's why our luxurious brownies are made to order using only the finest quality ingredients and sent in packaging that's 100% recyclable.


So whether it's a treat for yourself, or a gift for a friend, relative or colleague, you don't have to feel too guilty!

For news and updates follow us on Instagram @Bakerym_London

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